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The Team Knock-out Comeptition



For 2018 this is changed to a Pairs Knockout competition.

Format The competition is a knockout competition. Each club is allowed to enter one team.

Draw A draw will be made at the beginning of the season with home and away drawn by lot.

The final will be played at a neutral venue.

Team A team is made of 4 players.

Players can be changed for each round of the competition, however in the final each player must have played at least one game in a previous round.

Match Format Each match is 2 x 4BBB games.

Handicap Allowances Handicap rules and tees to be used are the same as the main CJGL league.

The handicap allowance for each game is 90% of the difference between each player and the lowest handicap in the game. Any handicap adjustments (for girls or boys playing off yellow tees) are made before calculating the 90%.
Match Results Individual games can be halved. The margin of each game should be recorded, but this is only used in the event of a tie.

In the event of a tie, the following procedure is used to determine the winner of the match:

1.    The total margin of each individual game, where the margin of a game is the number of holes up or down at the end of the game, e.g. a 4&3 win is +4, a 2&1 loss is -2

2.    If still tied, the two lowest handicap players from each side should play a sudden death playoff.
Concession of Matches If a match is conceded because one club cannot field a team, then the team they beat in the previous round should be reinstated in the competition.
Concession of Games If a game is conceded once it has started, for example due to a player becoming injured, then the margin of the game is calculated by conceding holes one by one until a result is determined.

If a game is conceded before it starts, for example because a player withdraws before play starts, then the game is counted as a game won, but the margin of the game is deemed to be zero.

Revised 20th March 2018