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Player of the Year


The following table displays the Top 20 Players based on the total matches played to date.


NameGolfClubNamePlayedWonHalvedLostGame Points
Morley, WilliamDenham44008
Waldergrave, JoshGerrards Cross33006
Frowde, JamieHarewood Downs43016
Richmond, SamHarewood Downs43016
Banner, CarlHarewood Downs53026
MacKinlay, JustinHarewood Downs53026
Rigby-Walden, LilyGerrards Cross32105
Snushall, EdwardDenham42115
Lewey, OliverDenham22004
Bains, KianBeaconsfield22004
Evans, TommyBeaconsfield32014
Hunjan, KabirGerrards Cross32014
Wells, BenHarewood Downs32014
Bell, TomBeaconsfield42024
Mcquade, TedEllesborough42024
Getley, JoeHarewood Downs41214
Staunton, JackTemple42024
Oxlade, JamesEllesborough41123
Munton, BenBeaconsfield11002
Conway, FreyaBeaconsfield11002