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League Rules

Results Sheet
1. The League shall consist of the following clubs – Beaconsfield, Denham, Ellesborough, Gerrards Cross, Harewood Downs, Hazlemere, Temple and Wexham Park. From time to time but generally at the Annual General Meeting of the League, representatives of the member clubs shall elect coordinator/s who shall be responsible for the running of the League and the associated website.
2. Each Club shall play every other Club in the League once every year. Matches played at home one year shall be played away the following year. Matches shall be played between 15th March and the last day of the Buckinghamshire County Council summer school holidays. The home Club shall be responsible for arranging match dates; the Home Junior Organiser contacting the Away Junior Organiser in the preceding week to confirm the details and emailing the result to the Coordinator/s as soon as possible.
3. Teams shall consist of no more than FIVE players and ONE reserve, if available, each of whom must be a member of the Club for whom they are playing and be under EIGHTEEN years of age at 00:00 hours on 1st January of the year in which the match is played. Players who are members of more than one Club within the League may only be selected to play for one of them in a season, usually their nominated home Club.
4. All players must have a Congu Competition handicap. The maximum handicap allowed in matches is 32, any players with a handicap of 33 or higher will play off a handicap of 32. Boys with a handicap of 28 or less shall play off the white tees (if available). Boys with a handicap of 29 or more shall play off the yellow tees. Girls shall play off the red tees
5. (a) (a) Matches shall be played in singles games with full handicap allowance, strokes being taken in accordance with the men's card (except where two girls are paired against each other).
  (b) In cases where the two players are off different tees, handicaps shall be adjusted to allow for any difference between the SSS from those tees.
  (c) If a player's handicap is due to be altered but the new handicap has not been posted by the Club Secretary, that player must self-cut but not self-raise. It is the responsibility of the Junior Organiser to check that players play off a true handicap.
  (d) If a player's handicap is due to be altered but the new handicap has not been posted by the Club Secretary, that player must "self-cut" but not "self-raise". It is the responsibility of the Junior Organiser to check that players play off a true handicap.
6. Teams shall play in order of handicap with lowest handicap first. Where one team has fewer players than the other, then the teams shall be matched up for their games in ascending handicap order so that the players with the highest handicaps in the team with more players are granted any walkovers that become necessary.
7. (a) Matches shall be scored on the basis of two game-points for each singles won, and one game-point for each singles halved. A team failing to field the prescribed total of five players shall forfeit to the opposing side two game-points for each missing player. The team with the highest number of game-points will be deemed to have won the match. The match will be deemed to be halved where both teams have an equal number of game-points. A match won will score two match-points, a match halved will score one match-point.
  (b) The overall League winner shall be the Club with the highest total of match-points when all matches have been completed.
  (c) If two or more Clubs have the same total of match-points, the League winner shall be the Club with the highest game-points differential, excluding points assigned as a result of a complete match walkover.
  (d) Where, after reasonable efforts to reschedule the match, a club is still unable to field a team with a minimum size of 3 players then a walk-over (W/O) is to be granted to the club that was able to field a team. When a club has granted 3 such W/Os then they will withdraw from the competition for that year and the results of those games that they have played shall be removed from the record for that year.
  (e) Where a W/O is granted to the whole team then points for a win will be added to the score of the club that was able to field a team. However, in the case of either individual or team W/Os, no points will be awarded to individual player’s scores counting towards the Player of the Year competition.
8. (a) During matches it is mandatory that a Responsible Adult Person (RAP) from each club will be present at the commencement of the match and that the RAPs from both clubs will be present throughout the period of the match until the last junior has left the premises.
In particular this is so that an RAP from both clubs is always available in case of emergency or the need to make contact with members of the team’s families
Without such continuous attendance of the home and away RAPs the match should not proceed.
  (b) Where young or inexperienced players are playing, it is permissible that there should be a Match Walker with such games. Any Match Walker must be a person agreed by both Junior Organisers. The Match Walker must generally stay at least 50 yards away from the players. NO advice may be given, and NO coaching is allowed by the Match Walker.
9. Caddies are NOT permitted. It is expected that there will be no game followers, but it is understandable that a Junior Organiser or volunteer will wish to enquire of the team's progress at various stages of the match and that players who have finished may wish to see the rest of their team come in.
10. Advice may be given by the playing Team Captain; however, this is not allowed while the Team Captain is playing his/her own match.
11. Ball spotting is permitted.
12. It is hoped that the Junior Organisers will be able to play some golf during the match and that the home Club will provide after match refreshments for the teams and organisers.
13. The etiquette and dress rules of the host Club shall be imposed.
14. If during a match there is a dispute between the players regarding any matter concerning the match that cannot be resolved between the players; then they should continue the match and report the dispute to the RAPs from each club, who for the purposes of the match shall be deemed to be the committee for that competition. In reaching their decision the committee should refer to the latest copy of the R&A publication Rules of Golf and may take advice from the home professional or secretariat. Any such disputes must be resolved without delay.

Revised 20th March 2018