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The Team Knock-out Comeptition



Team Knockout events may be organised in accordance with the following guidelines and generally all the clauses of the Chiltern Junior Golf League Rules shall apply.

However the following additional sub-clauses shall apply only to the operation of the scratch team knockout competition:

(a) At the AGM a list of clubs wishing to participate in the event during the following year shall be taken by the coordinator/s and a random draw will be made by them to determine the order of play for the following year and a sheet showing this shall be published by the coordinator/s.
(b) The dates by which these matches shall be played will be stipulated in the order of play sheet but the dates given in clause 2 Chiltern Junior Golf League Rules shall be the limits.
(c) Each team shall consist of three players who shall compete against each other as pairs on a matchplay basis, with handicap differences to be as required by the CONGU rules
(d) Scoring shall be as the first sentence of clause 7(a) of the Chiltern Junior Golf League Rules and the second sentence shall also apply with the number five changed to three.
(e) The team scoring the highest aggregate number of game points will be deemed winners of each match. In the event of a drawn match after all three pairs have played 18 holes, the last pair will continue in a sudden-death play-off to determine the winning team who will them progress to the next round.

Revised 4th April 2016