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The Bert Yates Trophy


This trophy is open to the league winners from each of the junior leagues in the BB&O and therefore takes place at the end of the season.

Venue: The agreed leagues responsible and selected venues until 2016 are as the table below: -
2012 Vale  
2013 Chiltern Stoke Park
2014 Thames Valley Sonning
2015 Vale Woburn
2016 Chiltern Beaconsfield
2017 Thames Valley  
2018 Vale  
2019 Chiltern  
2020 Thames Valley  
2021 Vale  
2022 Chiltern  
2023 Thames Valley  
2024 Vale  
2025 Chiltern  

Format: 18 hole Stableford (full handicap). Each team shall consist of 6 players. Games will be played as 3-balls. The five best scores from each team to count with the sixth score counting in the event of a tie. Handicap certificates are required.

Match Date: The match date and start time is determined by the host league but it will generally be held in October during the Autumn half-term.

Start Time: The match start time is determined by the host league.

Players: Each Club is requested to advise the Organisers the names and handicaps of their players, no later than 1 week before the date of the event. This enables the Organisers to prepare running order and scorecards.

Catering: A meal is provided to all players and helpers.

Match Fees: A reasonable charge per player (and all organisers who wish to join the players for a meal) is normally made to cover the cost of the meal, and is usually paid by their respective League.

Prizes: Winning Team is awarded The Bert Yates Trophy.

  Revised 21st April 2016